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3 Kpop Remixes That Need To Happen

CL Crotch Grab

Okay. We like to think that we’re patient as DJs and Kpop enthusiasts. But, ‘yo, real talk: we need our kpop remixes. Kpop remixers, we know you’re listening and reading this so consider this our formal plea for three kpop remixes that need to happen.

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Oppan Gangnam Style Goes with Everything

It’s been great to see Oppan Gangnam Style on top 40 charts the last couple months — currently sitting at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. As a result, dozens of Gangnam Style mashups and edits have appeared in various DJ pools. At this point we’ve collected approximately 50 solid mixes of the kpop charting single. Dj Ravine in his above video demonstrates just how expansive the single has become. Given the grand volume of mashups and edits, we’re deciding whether or not to release a package of what we’ve found. Would you, DJs, appreciate the package? Let us know in the comments.

Doing our Part: Evangelizing Kpop; Wonder Girls on Clear Channel

Provided by: Sara Kauss/Getty images for iHeartRadio

As a DJ, it’s your job to play what people want to hear. Many times what they want to hear are reverberated singles that may already be over played on the local FM station. But it’s also your job as a DJ to play what people do not yet know what they want to hear. It’s in this way that we expose listeners to new songs or songs that have not yet been heard enough.

For our conventional gigs, it’s a difficult line to play what is already on mainstream and what is not yet on the charts. Clear Channel/iHeartRadio have made the job easier for us by coming half way.

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Carpe Diem! YOLO for Kpop DJs

When audiences cannot distinguish the difference between a DJ and a producer, what do you demonstrate what it means to be a DJ? As shown in the featured video above, DJ Froto makes a balls to the wall effort to try something different from playlisting. Screw it, so what if he effs up? He takes his chances here to deliver some entertaining A vs B play — something that all DJs should offer beyond live beatmatching. The best part? He does it with one hand so he can film his encounter for “POV awesomeness!”

Whoah whoah whoah! Watch me DJ with ONE HAND (most of the routine at least) in my *NEW* G-Dragon – One of a Kind Live Remix!!! I mashed it up with Big Sean’s Dance (A$$) instrumental while filming everything with my left hand – giving you that POV awesomeness! Check it out you carpe diems!!!

Can we please learn something from DJ Froto here? Take chances! Have the balls to offer more than just a list of planned songs and really DJ.

Record what you do and learn from your mistakes. Post your own gusty moves in the comments below.

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K-CON: KPOP DJ CONTEST (yes, it’s for real)

Just when we were thinking of buying our own exhibitor booth at K-Con, the MNET-organized conference drops this little gem on us. As seen, it appears the contest is still in the planning stages. It’s an opportunity not to miss for the bedroom DJs in particular.

We’re especially curious what the format and judging paradigm for this contest will be. Time will tell. Be sure to check the contests page when further details are revealed.

As expected, SpinKpop will continue to feed you with custom edits and remixes to make your own kpop mix entry into the contest.

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Taking Kpop in Context: Following Hallyu Abroad

Its very easy to loose sight of the complete Kpop package when you’re focused on purely on the music. But let’s be frank here: half of the sell of kpop is the  aesthetic component that goes with it. Would PSY’s Gangnam Style be as viral without its absurd video promotion? How would Sistar 19’s Ma Boy  fare without the raw sex appeal dripping from the choreography? See Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra and Hyuna’s Bubble Pop if you’re looking for additional examples.

Knowing how a kpop song was received, and therefore knowing what the kids will think when they hear the song, will help in controlling the mood of the dancefloor. Looking to make the evening a silly, lighthearted, banger? PSY’s Oppan Gangnam Style is a logical choice because its is impossible to divorce the  horse-jockey dance from the song. If the girls are looking to express their hoochie sexuality via kpop, Sistar 19s Ma Boy is their outlet.

Do yourself a favor as both a Kpop DJ and as a member of the hallyu movement. Watch Inkigayo to hear the crowd and watch the dance. Watch members of 2AM, Sistar and T-ara in Dream High to experience the same sentimentality that your listeners/dancers will have. The great thing about the Hallyu movement is that it transcends geographical borders — so be sure to stay with the wave as it broadcasts on Drama Fever.

Take it from CL: Stage Presence Matters

I’ve always wondered how Steve Aoki was able to magically change songs while crowd surfing. Of course it’s Steve Aoki’s assistant, manning the laptop on stage, who’s doing the actual mixing. Though your mixing may be technically advanced and requires skill, all the audience sees is your button pressing and knob turning.

What CL shows us here is that given a good mix, and her ghost-dj’ed-pre-recorded-mix is good, a stage presence is the other elemented needed to give a good show. Don’t get me wrong: 2012 dj technology does give us a great deal of control over live remixes, and a live set can respond to the changing needs of a live dance floor. But for these grandiose televised concert gigs, where the entire programming for the evening has already been determined, it’s nice to have a fail-safe pre-recorded mix. The 2ne1 blackjacks simply see CL pressing buttons while engaging the crowd, and really, that should be enough.

Is Planning A DJ Set Cheating?

The folks at DJTechTools wrote a great article earlier this week that examined a question that a lot of us face: is planning for a set cheating?

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DJ’ing with Japanese versions of Kpop singles; 2ne1 Teaser : Scream

The news broke earlier today. From what we’ve been able to gather at this point, and our guess is inconclusive, it looks like the single will be in Japanese without a Korean counterpart. This isn’t the first time a Kpop group released a single purely in Japanese. In 2011, SNSD released Mr. Taxi with a positive commercial response. Continue reading