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Extend-it: [132 BPM, Key of Fm] Perfume – Spring of Life (Violet Green Edit)

Perfume – the pop idol female trio that prevents Yasutaka Nakata from hopping on the Vocaloid bandwagon. The Spring of Life single released earlier this month, but Violet Green came out with an extended version yesterday that enables its mixability for the rest of us.

Violet Green had this to say on his edit:

I added my own drums, made a new intro with glitched vocals, extended the chorus with a new part and made a new bridge part with glitched vocals.

I was sampling bass lines for the new extended chorus part, not the vocals but it sounds like she is saying ‘Do Your Dance’ which is cool.

It’s an extended 32 + 64 beat intro, which is more than you need. The 32 beat intro nicely leaks in the “spring of life” vocal as you count your beats for the second intro phrase. Because all Yasutaka Nakata remixes are treble heavy, Violet Green evens the EQ with a stronger kick. The glitched vocals toward the end of the edit sound great, so make sure you let the song play to at least that point before bringing in the next one.

Anyway, thanks mang. Everyone once and a while someone steps-up and creates one of these edits for the team, providing a real community service. This is why Spin Kpop exists, so we’re quite pleased to share Violet Green’s edit with all y’alls. Give him your personal thanks on his soundcloud, YouTube, and Twitter.

Extend-it: [115 BPM Fm] 현아 & 장현승 (HyunA and Hyunseung) – Troublemaker

It’s a standard. There’s just something so hypnotizing about the melody of this song that it’s become an expected song at any of our kpop gigs. It could be that this song is just another chance for us to obsess over Hyuna’s hyper-sexuality (through which Hyungseung compliments her well), but we like to think this song is good for the song’s sake. Making it easier to drop and mix-in to your sets, we have  for you, most esteemed reader, our extended edit.

115 BPM, Fm; download here

And yes, we do think it sounds like Timberlake & Ciara’s Love, Sex & Magic. This is kpop, did you actually think this was an original production? Jeez.

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Extendit: [132 BPM Fm] Noraebang Edition ~ DJ DOC – Run To You

Maybe there was a time when DJ DOC was cool. Don’t get us wrong: we still think the hip hop group is bad-ass — it’s just in a very different way. Oh yeah, back in those days, the dudes had hip hop ANTHEMS. They also had a better set of female back-up dancers that could do the booty-shake. Though After School seems to do a good job. Today, their sound remains essentially the same, but it’s become a funny-silly sort of cool instead of the former gangsta sort of cool.

Although the original song had an intro verse that made the song mixable (though all songs are technically mixable..), we revamped the original to give it more DJ structure with a harder kick. We hope you kiddos will play this oldie now that it’s easily mixable. It’s a classic! If audience is more of the kpop-clubber-something-crowd, they should know it. But, hell, if they don’t know it you should play it anyway because it’s just that great. We’ll bounce.

The 132 BPM Fm eHash Edit of DJ DOC’s Run To Me is downloadable here.

Extend-it: Sistar 19’s Ma Boy (eHash ReWork) A# 90 BPM

Suddenly that shy, conservative, korean girl that you know, drops it like it’s hot. That’s what this track does to people: it brings out the inner hooch. Maybe this is because, for the kpop crowd, Sistar19’s Ma Boy is at the border between real hoochie music and kpop cotton-candy. Wishing to stay within the fluffly world of kpop, k-poppers can still act ghetto secksay.

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Extend-it: Blue Exorcist

Every now and then you like to spin asian pop that isn’t k-pop, right?

For many of us, it’s approaching that time of the year when we prepare for the Anime Convention Circuit. As any self-respecting Anime Convention DJ will have you know: you need your anime soundtracks– especially when the anime soundtracks come from Kpop groups. For today’s post we’ve included a double-shot of two, dj-friendly, ending tracks from the Blue Exorcist anime. Continue reading

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Extend-it: Fantastic Roly Poly Baby (PeterLo vs eHash ReWork) 130BPM Dm

Oh the things people do to harmonize an accapella with an instrumental. The disco-friendly “Roly Poly” has been re-imagined in so many different ways (here and here, for example), this particular rendition has an unnatural pitch just for thrills. We’re not expecting any DJ drops with this, but nonetheless, here’s an extended version for mix-ability. Fantastic Roly Poly Baby. Maybe it’s a good one for parties that have gone on for too long?

The usual info:

  • 130 BPM
  • Key of Dm
  • 32 beats before intro verse
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Extend-it: DJ Huygens’ Madeon Mashup Extended

We couldn’t help ourselves. How could we not? The original was so great we had to give it the structure it deserved for more DJ play. Check it out: eHash 8 + 8 edit of DJ Huygens’ Mashup of Madeon feat. 2NE1, BIGBANG & SE7EN / Icarus.

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SNSD – Gee (eHash 2-11 edit) C#m, 100BPM

We’ve uploaded our first Kpop edit. This first one being, perhaps, the most essential. A classic to be played whenever asian pop is requested, this song is a must for any Kpop DJ library. Behold, SNSD’s Gee. Continue reading

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