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J-POP Summit is Looking for DJs

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A few of our friends have spun and performed at this venue the past couple years. The gig is open for new applicants this year.

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The producer’s original productions are available on Soundcloud too. If your soundcloud stream wasn’t already filled with his remixes, we recommend digging through this mass upload.

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This one came through the wire. Now through August 28, DJs & Producers have the chance to submit their production track for the chance to jet off to Thailand as part of a weeklong DJ ‘boot camp’ at W Retreat Koh Samui in September, and later spin at a culminating music event at the recently opened W Bangkok.

The gig sounds like a great opportunity for those on the up & up trying to get their name out. We recommend this to our remix community to get involved. The production contest sounds like it’s an event to also spin live – further blurring the line between what it means to be a DJ or Producer today.

We’ve pasted the full press release associated with the contest below. For more information and to enter, be sure to check out to .

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Wonder Girls Like Money – Indaba Music Remix Contest

Indaba Music has begun a remix contest of the Wonder Girls’ Like Money single. Submissions for the contest, so far, have been fairly mediocre. Still, it provides the variety-seeking-DJ with a range of remix options for da wandagal’s song. Search through the  submissions on the contest page.

We’d like to endorse Epitone’s remix of Like Money which currently sits at rank #20 on the contest charts. Please feed him your votes to outrank the amateurs currently sitting in the top 10.

As the contest notes, stems are available for purchase for your own musical permutations if the mix.

K-Pop has finally arrived. The club energy that has been electrifying the eastern hemisphere has permeated the current consciousness of American culture. As if to punctuate the point, Wonder Girls, one of the premier K-Pop outfits, have broken into a wider audience with their new single “Like Money”.

Now Wonder Girls and Indaba Music want you to take this tune from the stratosphere to the ionosphere. We’re looking for the hottest Club or Hip-Hop remixes your musical minds can create.

Enter the contest to download the stems and get started.

KCON DJ Contest: Now Open

We’ve previously blogged that this event was happening, but we were unsure of the details.

KCon recently updated its DJ Contest announcement and opened the contest up for submissions. The deadline is quite soon — this Monday, October 1st 5pm PST.  With a limited window to submit we’re still trying to understand the full details of the contest. Peter sent a few questions in, as well as his own entry, though we have yet to hear back from the organizers of this event.

From what it sounds, and all available details are seen in the posted screen shot above, the contest will involve the following:

  • “Tracks” by contestants are emailed to by Monday, October 1st at 5PM PST
    • KCON is “challenging” contestants to use music from any of the attending artists of the conference, including: B.A.P., VIXX, EXO-M, 4Minute, Nu’est, G.NA and Danny Im
  • Publication of “videos” will be placed on the KCON’s SoundCloud
  • Sounds on the KCON SoundCloud will be voted on by anyone and everyone
  • A winner (with the most soundcloud votes?) will then perform on stage and in-front of a large audience and guest DJ alongside Far East Movement producer, Peter Rocks

In case it wasn’t already acutely evident to the DJ community, the only thing that matters more than skill is a DJ’s ability to promote. If you want a shot at this gig be sure to get all your fans and friends to cast their ballots for your soundcloud entry.

Pulselocker – Cloud Computing for DJs

The service is still in closed beta – but from what we hear, it’ll be a way for Traktor and Serato DJs to play music stored on the cloud. Instead of bringing your large external harddrive to your next gig, users can access and mix from an expansive music collection from an off-site data center. There will likely be subscription fees for the service like any DJ  pool.

We’re still waiting on the details of the service but it does sound intriguing. We doubt Kpop will be in the initial collection as it seems labels are still working through partnerships with the service. Even less likely to exist are DJ-tailored edits — but we shall see. Hopefully some form of music caching will be available for those unable to access the internets in mobile and club gigs. Continue reading

Doing our Part: Evangelizing Kpop; Wonder Girls on Clear Channel

Provided by: Sara Kauss/Getty images for iHeartRadio

As a DJ, it’s your job to play what people want to hear. Many times what they want to hear are reverberated singles that may already be over played on the local FM station. But it’s also your job as a DJ to play what people do not yet know what they want to hear. It’s in this way that we expose listeners to new songs or songs that have not yet been heard enough.

For our conventional gigs, it’s a difficult line to play what is already on mainstream and what is not yet on the charts. Clear Channel/iHeartRadio have made the job easier for us by coming half way.

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K-CON: KPOP DJ CONTEST (yes, it’s for real)

Just when we were thinking of buying our own exhibitor booth at K-Con, the MNET-organized conference drops this little gem on us. As seen, it appears the contest is still in the planning stages. It’s an opportunity not to miss for the bedroom DJs in particular.

We’re especially curious what the format and judging paradigm for this contest will be. Time will tell. Be sure to check the contests page when further details are revealed.

As expected, SpinKpop will continue to feed you with custom edits and remixes to make your own kpop mix entry into the contest.

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KCON 2012 — First Stateside K-pop Convention with Celebrity Appearances

How many variations on the word “kpop” can you have before you start to overlap with other Kpop fandom organizations? KCON (presumably pronounced Kay-Con) added itself to the K-fan list with its convention announcement today. Organized and produced by Mnet, its a “hallyu” convention at the Verizon Amphitheater in LA featuring Kpop, Kdrama, celebrity panels, autograph sessions, contests, fan workshops and a concert.

A concert in itself would be enough to attract the legions of fans across the country — adding a convention to the mix will likely guarantee a max capacity setting. There have been other fan-created kpop conventions across the states,  we participated at Kpop Con ourselves, though the Mnet-led convention will be the first of its kind to have any sort of real celebrity presence.

DJs of Spin Kpop, are you spinning at this convention? Let us know so we can give you hype!

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