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We tell SHINee what to do & Skydive with BAP


When you’re gone for a day and return it’s worthy of a COMEBACK STAGE – at least for Nurse Joyce who missed our last episode. For this episode, we review BAP’s “Skydive” and SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” for Daebak or Not. Following this, we discuss TOP’s military departure and TWICE’s rise to fame.

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Taeyeon’s 11:11 & Norazo’s Great Fortune featuring Angie Mills


For this week we were blessed to have Kpop contemporary, Angie Mills to discuss Taeyeon’s 11:11 and react to Norazo’s wonderful treasure find of Norazo’s “Ni pal ja ya.” We of course put Angie through the gauntlet of pestering her on what’s up with kpop today and how well she knows kpop.

This week’s WTF can be watched – or reacted to – below.

Blackpink Plays With Fire and Why Rainbow Can’t Stay


In a double shot of Daebak or Not we review “Playing With Fire” and “Stay.” The three K-Area hosts offer varied perspectives the Blackpink songs and further speculate on what led to the Rainbow disbandment.

As always, this week’s mixtape can be listened before or after the podcast below:

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The Blood, Tears and Sweat behind BTS

BTS - Blood Sweat and Tears.PNG

In a quick 3-shot segment for Daebak or Not we take a look at BTS’ “Blood, Sweat and Tears,” I.O.I’s “Very Very Very” and Twice’s “TT. Nurse Joyce was out for the week so Soupermatic and DJPeterLo took it upon themselves to produce another quick take.

Accompanying the episode this week, a potentially moving forward, we’ll include a live DJ mix of recent kpop tunes mixed together to get your weekly groove on. The first set recorded below was broadcast live on BigBRadio.


Some WTFs, a Hard Carry and Cat Dances with DJ Emergency


In this episode we bring on DJ Emergency as a special guest to give us the perspective of a kpop DJ and remixer. He joins the crew as we review GOT7 and Crayon Pop’s latest singles for Daebak or Not, and we test how well he knows kpop. Catch the episode below.

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EXO’s MVP in “Dancing King” is the pink puppet


Ok, that’s it Traktor, we’re done using you as a recording medium. We discovered that the audio recorder for the software was causing several lines from our recording to loop 2 seconds over and over – so this last episode had several segments removed. That said, we’re sharing the pieces that we could salvage from the session and sharing it as a website-exclusive for you purist of K-Area fans. The production level of the episode gives us pause on distributing this to the podcast subscribers.

Tune in for this week’s episode below.We review EXO’s “Dancing King,” holding another Do You Know Kpop quiz and discuss G-Dragon’s recent Instagram privacy controversy.

We’ll pick back up again with a software alternative next week.

Why Red Velvet’s Game of Chance Wins Our Hearts & I-Ren’s “Butt” Examined


And we’re back! At least DJ PeterLo is back which means that the team can continue recording episodes again. For this return episode we take a critical look at Red Velvet’s royale, play the usual quiz party games, and review I-Ren’s Butt.

As a couple of newbies who are still figuring out podcasting we unfortunately ran into a recording issue which caused part of our tirade on I-Ren’s Butt to cut out and the beginning to our weekly K-popularity to drop. We’ll look to other recording methods in the future, but caveat: part of the live recording for this issue was dropped. Aside from the technical issue – we always welcome your feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Just give us a tweet at #KArea or leave a comment below.

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Getting Lifted with CL | Big Win on EXO’s Lotto | Quiz: Do You Know Kpop? | Kpopularity

CL Lifted

Most Koreans never leave Flushing so maybe the uproar around CL’s alleged appropriation is fair. No one drinks a forty willingly; yet here CL is slinging a chorus about how great it is.

For this episode we review CL’s “Lifted” and EXO’s “Lotto” for Daebak or Not, discuss the Tiffany controversy and introduce two new quiz sections: “Do you Know Kpop” and “Kpopularity.” As we continue to explain in our show: we’re still experimenting on a winning format and feel like we’re getting closer to a set of recurring segments that we like.

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Daebak or Not? Blackpink’s “Whistle,” “Boombayah” & I.O.I’s “Whatta Man”

BlackPinkIn this episode, Nurse Joyce, @Soupermatic and @DJPeterLo put three songs to the Daebak or Not test: BlackPink’s “Whistle” & “Boombayah,” and I.O.I’s “Whatta Man.”

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HyunA asks “How’s This?” while we play ASTRO’s “Hide & Seek” | Coconut-PolarBear MegaMashup

How's This

We continue to play with and edit the K-Area show format, but we’re liking the “Daebak or Not” review process that we’ve introduced. Keeping with this method, we review HyunA’s “How’s This” which received two Daebaks with one Not. Revisiting Astro’s “Hide and Seek,” @Soupermatic tells us why the single is worth a second look to mixed reactions from Nurse Joyce and @DJPeterLo.

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