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How Cancelled is too cancelled for K-pop?

Are we cancelled yet? Can cancel culture really catch K-pop Creeps? The Kpopcast covers call out/cancel culture in K-pop to explore the boundaries of what’s acceptable, and offer some tips to idols, brands, and fans alike.

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Listen To Black K-pop Fans

For this episode of the Kpopcast, we’re lifting up fellow Black voices in the K-Pop fandom to speak about our experiences as fans, share our thoughts on #BLM, and answer some of those deep, burning questions that are on everyone’s mind — so all our other Black brothers and sisters don’t have to! If somebody comes at you with some foolishness, just hit’em with this episode and call it a day!

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K-Pop Hot Issue: A Korean Reporter Explains The Seungri Scandal

This is an abbreviated conversation on what international K-pop fans should make from the developing Seungri scandal story. We invited a Korean Entertainment Reporter to provide her Korean-perspective on the current state of the hot issue. This episode was recorded on March 17, 2019.

If you would like us to dive deeper into this topic or ask us questions, let us know on Twitter (@thekpopcast) or send us an email to


Jennie and Kai

In this unedited/unpolished episode series of K-pop Hot Issue, we discussed Jennie and Kai’s new romance as confirmed by SM. Continue reading

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Our 2019 K-pop Predictions

Ariana and Michaela represent the Kpopcast team as they walk through the staff and listener predictions for the coming year.

Be sure to stay tuned for our fully-polished year-end episode!

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K-Pop Hot Issue: Can Jennie Catch a Break? / Did YG censor “#LazyJenny?”

A video shows a side-by-side comparison between 2016 and 2018 performances of Jennie of Blackpink. YG allegedly takes the fan-made video down in a manual copyright request. Netizen response explodes.

In this unedited K-pop Hot Isssue episode we discuss:
– Is it our place to ask whether Jennie is lazy?
– Is the fan reaction overrated?
– Did YG censor the video? What control should a label have?

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K-pop Hot Issue: Is San E a feminist?

In our raw, unedited, hot issue series we quickly react to current news and happenings in the world of kpop. In this episode, Ariana Michaela and PLo discuss San E’s “Feminist” song and the ensuing rap battle from it. Continue reading


K-pop Hot Issue: When BTS Apparel Becomes Political

In our raw, unedited, hot issue series we quickly react to current news and happenings in the world of kpop. In this episode, Ariana and PLo discuss the political controversy over BTS Apparel. Continue reading


K-pop Hot Issue: The East Light

Starting our new K-pop Hot Issue series where we provide a quick unedited commentary on hot issues within the K-pop industry, Ariana comments on the recent controversy over The East Light.