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TXT Grow Into Their “Crown”

The NYC-based team of the Kpopcast, Ariana and Olivia, introduce the highly-anticipated Big Hit debut group TXT. Continue reading

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(G)I-DLE is ‘Lady Luck’ in “Senorita”

Soyeon and (G)I-DLE come back in the latin-fused “Senorĩta” [sic] as a nefarious personification of Lady Luck. Continue reading

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Hit Replays: LOONA, RED VELVET & TURBOY W2 Feb. 2019

Listen to the hit replays for the second week of February 2019. Continue reading

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What’s Different About ITZY’s “Dalla Dalla”

TZY make it clear that they cannot be held to the typical k-pop standards. With this debut, did ITZY succeed in showing us that they could be all things? Or were they masters of none? Continue reading


What CLC Wants You To “No”


Ariana, Jacques and PLo detail what K-pop listeners need to know about CLC’s “No.” Continue reading


ATEEZ: The Next Crossover Group

ATEEZ is set to disrupt the current international crossover appeal for K-pop. Listen to Ariana, Michaela and Stephanie review ATEEZ’ merits in this episode of the Kpopcast. Continue reading


“%%”(Eung Eung(응응)) Is Apink Unlimited

Ariana and PLo explore the direction of Apink’s new concept with select comments provided by Apink Panda JACQUES. Continue reading

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The Top Ten K-Pop Songs Of 2018

K-pop, often known for its competitive rankings, is sometimes harder to rank among friends. Returning with its annual year-end episode, the Kpopcast presents notable trends, moments, honorable mentions and the top ten K-pop songs of 2018 to remember.

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Red Velvet is a Vocal Powerhouse, “Really Bad Boy” Shows Why

Red Velvet once again show us their vocal talent in “Really Bad Boy.” Stephen Knight from The Kpop Unmuted Podcast joins the Kpopcast Crew to discuss. Continue reading

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How To Ride EXO’s “Tempo”

A fairly SFW review of EXO’s “Tempo.” Continue reading