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Extendit: [132 BPM Fm] Noraebang Edition ~ DJ DOC – Run To You

Maybe there was a time when DJ DOC was cool. Don’t get us wrong: we still think the hip hop group is bad-ass — it’s just in a very different way. Oh yeah, back in those days, the dudes had hip hop ANTHEMS. They also had a better set of female back-up dancers that could do the booty-shake. Though After School seems to do a good job. Today, their sound remains essentially the same, but it’s become a funny-silly sort of cool instead of the former gangsta sort of cool.

Although the original song had an intro verse that made the song mixable (though all songs are technically mixable..), we revamped the original to give it more DJ structure with a harder kick. We hope you kiddos will play this oldie now that it’s easily mixable. It’s a classic! If audience is more of the kpop-clubber-something-crowd, they should know it. But, hell, if they don’t know it you should play it anyway because it’s just that great. We’ll bounce.

The 132 BPM Fm eHash Edit of DJ DOC’s Run To Me is downloadable here.