The 7 Ways BTS Prove Kpop is Art

BTS is profoundly changing what listeners and music-video-viewers can expect out of Kpop as a genre. For this special episode of the Kpopcast, we perform a double-shot of ‘Daebak or Not’ reviews for their singles “Spring Day” and “Not Today.” Continue reading

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What happens to TWICE after midnight?

The latest single from TWICE seems like a sequel or prologue to their previous single, “TT.” But what does this mean, and why are the girls dying from hypothermia?

TWICE knocks and we answer whether their hit is Daebak or Not. Continue reading

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How Taeyeon is Changing Kpop

Taeyeon’s “I Got Love” offers a lesser-heard flavor in kpop. In this episode, we dive into the music video and explicate what this means for Taeyeon and her label mates. Continue reading

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Three Secrets Explained in K.A.R.D’s “Dont Recall”

KARD’s “Don’t Recall” may appear to be a breakup love song on the surface, but what is it really about? We take a look to discuss the symbolism and meanings not immediately seen in this prolific music video and review the song for Kpopcast’s Daebak or Not.


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SF9 Came to win this Week

After reviewing the surprising results of an online twitter poll, we were shocked (beast: shock) to find that SF9 championed over BlockB to be included in this week’s episode of Daebak or Not. After discussing this kpop banger, we dive into the Spica disbandment and speculate on Miss A’s future. Continue reading

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You won’t believe what Red Velvet’s “Rookie” is really about

We discuss the disbandment of the Wonder Girls and what this means for the industry as a whole. We additionally review Red Velvet’s latest single, “Rookie” and why we think the music video is a drug-related trip.


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Honey Bee, 2NE1’s Goodbye & Goblin’s OST

Inviting Cheryl of the DramaKandy podcast, we discuss the Luna/ Hani/ Solar “Honey Bee” single and explore the implications behind 2ne1’s “Goodbye.” For a slight twist in our usual coverage, we additionally take a look at the closing OST from the popular Goblin k-drama.


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Continue reading

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Don’t Say No To CLC’s Hobgoblin

In another double-shot of Daebak or Not as Soupermatic and DJ Peter Lo review Seohyun’s Don’t Say No and CLC’s Hobgoblin.

MVPs @Rhodrirhodri and @Welile_21 chime in with thoughts:

It’s our first time recording with a new audio interface which we believe increases the audio quality of our voices and eases the post-production editing process. Our hope is that this will make the overall production value of the show rises from here in a way that allows us to get episodes out sooner.


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AOA’s “Excuse Me” Is The Best Song of 2017

Kicking kpop off strong in the new year, AoA releases “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing” which we review as a double-shot for this episode of Daebak or Not.

As DJ PLo argues, the winning quality of the “Excuse Me” song was the dance. For your viewing pleasure, see Choa performing this dance on loop below.


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2016 Daebak Award Winners

2016 has come and gone. For us, it was the year we started this radio show & podcast and – for a lot of americans – it’s something to leave behind. But as we look back for this kpop renaissance, we recount the most memorable and quirky categories seen over the past year.

In this special episode, Soupermatic and DJ PeterLo discuss the winners of the 2016 Kpopcast Daebak Awards.

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