The Endless Kpop Summer of 2018

One kpop podcast alone wasn’t enough to confront the challenge in recapping the best summer hits of 2018. In this special episode we welcome fellow kpop podcasters Ask Me About Kpop, Kpop Hot Pot and K-Pop Unmuted. Continue reading


Red Velvet’s 8-Bit “Power Up”

Chip tunes and video game samples were Red Velvet’s 2018 summer song. Was it Daebak or Not? Continue reading

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Seungri-Bae, Saranghae

Reasons to love Seungri? Let us count the ways as Stephanie, Rhodri and PLo a bit off the rails from the usual Kpopcast format. Continue reading

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Whats My Kpop Group Name?

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Big Monsta or Bantang Generation, what’s your Kpop Group name? Let us know in the comments or give us at tweet @Thekpopcast with the hashtag, #Mykpopbandname.

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Is Seventeen’s “Oh My” A Summer Bop?

Seventeen has balanced a dichotomy between EDM and acoustic; aegyo and edgy. So how did Seventeen’s “Oh My” fare as a summer bop? Continue reading

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Is Apink ‘So Sick’ of Being Cute?

Kpop is known for its comebacks and concept changes. Apink, who long pioneered the innocent girl next door concept, have come back with a darker and mature look. Was it Daebak or Not? Apink Panda and reputable kpop journalist, Jacques, joins. Continue reading


“BBaam BBaam” By Momoland

Momoland’s “Baam” was a clear formula copy from “BBoom BBoom,” but was the song daebak or not? Continue reading

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BLACKPINK: was a year worth the wait?

A year since their last release, Blackpink broke free of the YG dungeon; but was the comeback worthy of the wait? Kpopcast’s Stephanie, Raman and Ariana assess. Continue reading


14 Best Kpop Songs of 1H 2018

If you’re catching up on kpop for 2018, or revisiting this year’s best hits, for this episode the Kpopcast staff each give their respective top picks for the year (thus far).

See how the staff each ranked their top picks:

2018 1h picks Continue reading

Why Shawols 5HINE for “Good Evening”

What are the understated messages and meanings behind SHINee’s “Good Evening” that Shawols were quick to identify? These and more are discussed on this episode with special guest Shannon of the Ask Me About Kpop Podcast. Continue reading

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