Hit Replays: CL, H1GHR MUSIC, Max (feat. SUGA), Ye-Eun, Xia Junsu

K-pop keeps us going. Here’s some hit replays for this past week.

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Thirsty for Taemin & Wonho

We were #blessed with two of the hottest songs this past week from Taemin and Wonho. So, naturally, who is everyone thirsting for more? We welcome Ahomari from 106&Seoul and Shannon from AskMeAbout Kpop for their raw thoughts.

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Hit Replays: A.C.E, CLC, Jackson Wang, KANG DANIEL, Yukika

Fellow k-pop podcasters Warren (SojuTalk) and Emily (InMyFeels) join PLo and Michaela for a casual episode of hit replays.

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Why BTS’ “Dynamite” is about Hope

We welcome BTS super fans Rosan (aka xCeleste) and Jose (aka JoseOchoaTV) for a quick dive into BTS’ “Dynamite.” Historically, disco music has served as a form of escapism, giving listeners reprieve from society’s hardships. So was this disco-inspired song Daebak or Not?

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Not Shy about ITZY

A quick discussion on ITZY’s “Not Shy” comeback, and why Chaeryeong needs more screen time.


Hit Replays: PinkFantasy, Jessi, SOLE, Kang Daniel

Amr, Stephanie, and PLo discuss hit replays for the second week of August 2020.

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This message has been seen by 1.

1TEAM’s ULLAELI KKOLLAELI was a delightful surprise that he had to give it the Daebak or Not Look over other notable songs this week.

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How Cancelled is too cancelled for K-pop?

Are we cancelled yet? Can cancel culture really catch K-pop Creeps? The Kpopcast covers call out/cancel culture in K-pop to explore the boundaries of what’s acceptable, and offer some tips to idols, brands, and fans alike.

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– www.southsonder.com/post/how-k-pop-…erfect-illusion
– medium.com/@xzhan065/power-of-…ociety-79ea015fab9a
– theobjective.substack.com/p/a-more-spe…r-on-justice
– harpers.org/a-letter-on-justice-and-open-debate/

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Blackpink: How You Like That?

How much does Teddy rely on old tricks? Does Lisa bring out the boss? How many abs does Rain have? These questions answered and more in this 2̶n̶e̶2̶ Blackpink OUT OF THE DUNGEON EDITION of the Kpopcast.

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Listen to Hit Replays: open.spotify.com/playlist/72O7VTS…6dRVCh5qMMKszq5A

– ZICO(지코) _ Summer Hate (Feat. Rain(비)) youtu.be/oKUEbsJDvuo
– Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park, HAON – GANG youtu.be/Mn3qh0XrLcc
– Hwa Sa(화사) _ Maria(마리아) www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDukIfFzX18

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Stan Chung Ha Tonight

An episode off the backburner that we recorded in early May. We tried to use post-production software to mitigate recording issues, but a heads up that the mic quality isn’t up to our usual standard here.

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