N.O.M Pushes Gender Boundaries – And We’re Here For It

N.O.M (short for “Nature of Man”) released a new visually stunning track, “I can’t wait” which may have caught attention for the wrong reasons. We’re here to tell you why you should like the song for the right reasons.

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Artificial Love: K-pop, AI, and Aespa’s Concept

When we first heard about the concept of an AI Kpop group, we were both intrigued and ambivalent. On the surface, Aespa looks and sounds like something created out of service to an incel male fantasy – hips and busts sizes that aren’t realistic with human proportions. But on the other hand, it could open the door for a lot of unprecedented creative expression. Aespa, a virtual group created by SM Entertainment, is the first girl group to push a virtual AI concept within Kpop, and it’s created quite a bit of a polarizing response among western Kpop fans. As a western Kpop fan who follows both AI and Kpop, Peter dug deeper to discover how we should feel and respond to this group. Should we embrace this virtual concept, or should we be concerned? We spoke to a few experts to provide some clues.

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Hit Replays: BOBBY, DREAMCATCHER, ENHYPEN, P1harmony, Queen Wa$abi

Hit Replays for the fourth week of Jan 202NE1. Long time music writer and listener Todd Inoue guests on the episode with Michaela and PLo.

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Epik High’s Rosario

Stephanie and Peter are joined by SeoulBeats’ editor, Rimi, as the trio discuss Epik High’s Rosario. Go read SeoulBeats’ coverage: seoulbeats.com/

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Remembering GOT7

We welcome AHGASES Ashley Griffin (@multifacetedacg) and Alexis Hodoyán (@hoe_doyan) for a look back at GOT7’s best songs to date.

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Hit Replays for the first week of Jan 202NE1.

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K-pop In 2020

What to remember 2020 by in K-pop and why.

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Last Hit Replays episode of the year! Stay tuned for a couple final episodes for 2020!

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K-pop Hit Replays: Dynamic Duo, GOT7, KAI, Lee Suhyun

The team returns for hit replays for the first week of December.

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On this season of We Got Married, follow the K-pop adventures of Amr and Stephanie!

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