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[126 Bpm, Key of G#M] f(x) – 첫 사랑니 Rum Pum Pum Pum (Areia Remix #130)


The Areia team came together recently to arrange a mashup/mix of F(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum.” It’s a chill tech house track that might be juxtaposed well with Areia’s other house remix of Kim Sori’s “Dual Life.” To our knowledge, this is the only remix of F(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum” at the time of this post’s publication.

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[130 BPM, Key of Cm] DIZ BOYZ – Kuulkuk (Areia OFFICIAL Remix) feat. Dalshabet’s Ahyoung

Official remixes are great. We’re incredibly excited for Areia Remix to have another official remix under their belt – even better that it features Korean Comedians and Dalshabet’s Ahyoung. As we’ve stated before – it’s official work like this that legitimizes the kpop remix community.

Coming from Jun:

For the ones that don’t know them, (originally Australian) Sam Hammington and Jo Won-Seok are famous comedians in Korea appearing in many shows spreading laughter. Keeping the tradition of comedians bringing uplifting/sarcastic songs, they bring “Kuulkuk” – which is the sound you make when you swallow your drinks down. This is an official remix produced in parallel with the original song. The girl in the video is Dalshabet’s Ah Young.

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[125 BPM, Key of B major] Sunny Hill – Darling of all Hearts (Trance Blossom Remix)

Back in July, Areia Creations – now operating under the “Areia Remix” brand announced the addition of Trance Blossom to the areia crew. To quote the blog post directly:

In addition trance style k-pop remixer Trance Blossom is now part of areiacreations and he will be working with the rest of the team on bringing more dreamy and uplifting remixes to our brand.

Trance Blossom stays true to his name with this Sunny Hill remix that is both dreamy and uplifting. The trance remix is in a MAJOR key – something to be desired when all kpop remixes today are in minor keys. The mix is without an extended intro, but we’ll happily make an extended version of this if you gaise ask for it.

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[140 BPM, Key of Fm] PSY – Gentleman (Areia Remix)

Like we mentioned in our last post, Areia’s remix of Gentleman is absolutely twerkalicious. We tried finding an animated .gif to demonstrate how twerking would work for this trap remix, but we had trouble finding something PG. As Jun Areia’s video will show, however, it’s almost as if the song was written for twerk. The way this new remix plays, it has us completely reinterpreting the lyrics of the original song.  Continue reading

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[134 BPM Key of D#m] Nine Muses – News (Jun Areia Remix)

Boom. 95 remixes down and the Areia team has plenty in the works. Jun Areia released this frontrunner of his “7th generation” of remixes which will have “cleaner and smarter sound, unique instruments and sounds.” To us, this prog-house track leans on the trance side with its echo-y vocals, sustained synths and plucked sounds. We love the deep thumping bass which enables danceability. Make sure you’re listening to this track with a good pair of cans or a pair of speakers with the ability to reverberate lower frequencies as its the supporting bass that really carries this track.

The Areia remix is not Dj-friendly so we may end up making our own from his provided instrumental. But unlike last time– we’ll prod Areia a bit for an official DJ edit first. DJ’s take note: this remix has an abrupt ending so be sure you’re ready to make a sharp transition out of this track. Download the remix and the instrumental from his website here.

Being an Areia remix, it naturally comes with an unabridged commentary from the producer. Read Jun Areia’s comments on the mix after the break.  Continue reading

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It’s good to have choices. Jun Areia released his “house” remix of the Hyuna and Hyunseung classic. If the original is too slow or too soft, and the Epitone remix was too hard, this Areia progressive electro remix straddles the middle ground. The Areia remix #94 comes in at 128 BPM in the key of A#m. It’s not yet dj-friendly.

We’re totally digging the accordion as a replacement to the whistled melody of the original. Check out what he had to say on the release after the jump. Continue reading

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[125 BPM KEY OF EM] Sistar – Alone (AREIA REMIX)

We needed a remix of this track. Up to this point the Kpop community was without a solid remix of the Sistar single. Areia delivers with his expected palette of beautifully mastered sounds and instruments. We love the sustained synths, especially the way they’re introduced at the start of the song. Throughout the remix the ambient chords add complexity without cluttering the mix. The vocals also cut through the heavy bass nicely.

Areia has not yet posted a DJ-edit of the remix, but given his history of providing DJ edits over the past few remixes a DJ version of this sistar single anticipated to post soon. If not, we may be forced to make an edit from his instrumental. Really, though, it’s best if Areia creates this himself as we can’t quite master tracks as well him.

Download and listen to the Areia Remix #093 here.

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