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Hit Replays: THAMA, KARD, DALsooobin W1 April 2019

Finally, a week without a Soyeon mention.

– 따마( THAMA ) – ‘Sing It’ youtu.be/Bc5UieSLsJM
– KARD – [밤밤(Bomb Bomb)] youtu.be/DESdksesLNM
– DALsooobin(달수빈) – Katchup youtu.be/8kBUGGqTTzM

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[130 BPM, Key of Cm] DIZ BOYZ – Kuulkuk (Areia OFFICIAL Remix) feat. Dalshabet’s Ahyoung

Official remixes are great. We’re incredibly excited for Areia Remix to have another official remix under their belt – even better that it features Korean Comedians and Dalshabet’s Ahyoung. As we’ve stated before – it’s official work like this that legitimizes the kpop remix community.

Coming from Jun:

For the ones that don’t know them, (originally Australian) Sam Hammington and Jo Won-Seok are famous comedians in Korea appearing in many shows spreading laughter. Keeping the tradition of comedians bringing uplifting/sarcastic songs, they bring “Kuulkuk” – which is the sound you make when you swallow your drinks down. This is an official remix produced in parallel with the original song. The girl in the video is Dalshabet’s Ah Young.

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