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Remembering GOT7

We welcome AHGASES Ashley Griffin (@multifacetedacg) and Alexis Hodoyán (@hoe_doyan) for a look back at GOT7’s best songs to date.

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Hit Replays: A.C.E, CLC, Jackson Wang, KANG DANIEL, Yukika

Fellow k-pop podcasters Warren (SojuTalk) and Emily (InMyFeels) join PLo and Michaela for a casual episode of hit replays.

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100 Ways Jackson Slays

Hit replays for W4 of March. Spouse edition. With a heavy emphasis on Jackson.

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– Jackson Wang – 100 Ways youtu.be/87VRaM5_bAE
– ITZY “WANNABE” youtu.be/fE2h3lGlOsk
– Long Drive(롱드라이브) _ enough (Feat. Jung Jin Woo(정진우), Kim Seung Min(김승민)) youtu.be/dQx-NVwxvYs
– VIINI (권현빈) – ‘달을 사랑해 (Love The Moon) (Feat. 이수현, BLOO)’ youtu.be/Md9RRt2r3TU

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