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Hit Replays: A.C.E, CLC, Jackson Wang, KANG DANIEL, Yukika

Fellow k-pop podcasters Warren (SojuTalk) and Emily (InMyFeels) join PLo and Michaela for a casual episode of hit replays.

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Hit Replays: PinkFantasy, Jessi, SOLE, Kang Daniel

Amr, Stephanie, and PLo discuss hit replays for the second week of August 2020.

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Oh My God, Soyeon

Soyeon is great.

Anyway, we discuss a (G)I-DLE song which delivers in no small part thanks to Soyeon.

Stephen Knight (twitter.com/tennesseeappeal) from Kpop Unmuted (twitter.com/kpopunmuted) also joins.


*whispers* Soyeon.

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– 시그니처 (cignature) – ‘아싸 (ASSA)’ youtu.be/xDuaONIDgvc
– 강다니엘(KANGDANIEL) – 2U youtu.be/GmqfRBaJm6I
– Stella Jang(스텔라장) _ Villain(빌런) youtu.be/ghpn99s8I-U
– MAX 최강창민 ‘Chocolate’ youtu.be/-sKqPjhSiq0

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