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The Best K-pop Songs of 2019 (so far) feat. Soju

Catch up on the best k-pop songs of 2019 (so far) with the Kpopcast featuring Soju the original K-pop drag superstar.

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Hit Replays: THAMA, KARD, DALsooobin W1 April 2019

Finally, a week without a Soyeon mention.

– 따마( THAMA ) – ‘Sing It’ youtu.be/Bc5UieSLsJM
– KARD – [밤밤(Bomb Bomb)] youtu.be/DESdksesLNM
– DALsooobin(달수빈) – Katchup youtu.be/8kBUGGqTTzM

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KARD’s Debut Marks The End of K-Tropical House

After three pre-debut singles (…) KARD delivers on its proper debut with “Hola Hola.” For a mixed-gender group attributed with kicking-off the tropical house genre for kpop, does “Hola Hola” mark the beginning of the end of the sub-genre?

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Triple H vs KARD: Who Did Co-ed Kpop Better?

Mixed gender groups in kpop are still novel, so naturally there’s a lot of hype around the latest ventures by Cube and DSP. In this episode of the Kpopcast, we welcome Stephanie Parker and review Triple H’s “365 FRESH.” Continue reading

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Could KARD’s “Rumor” Captivate Kpoppers? | Feat. IU, Jang HanByul, CHEEZE & SNUPER

With the completed debut for the kpop group loved by international fans, we take a critical look at K.A.R.D’s latest “Rumor” release.

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Three Secrets Explained in K.A.R.D’s “Dont Recall”

KARD’s “Don’t Recall” may appear to be a breakup love song on the surface, but what is it really about? We take a look to discuss the symbolism and meanings not immediately seen in this prolific music video and review the song for Kpopcast’s Daebak or Not.


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