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The Surreal Art of MAMAMOO’s “Starry Night”

What do Vincent Van Gogh and MAMAMOO have in common? Raman and DJ PeterLo dive into the surreal art of this house comeback single.

Hit Replays:
– BIGBANG – 꽃 길 (Flower Road) youtu.be/wowAOdTYqw8
– 헤이즈 (Heize) – Jenga (Feat. Gaeko) youtu.be/uw_HR9jIJww

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Can Blackpink Outshine 2ne1’s Shadow?

Kpop fans often make a number of natural comparisons between Blackpink and 2ne1. In light of this, we review “As If Its Your Last” to see if Blackpink is still 2ne2.

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What Does it Take To Be a Kpop Star?

Kpop training agency, BornStar joins this episode to impart some practical advice on training for and breaking into kpop. Representing BornStar, Hoon Kim, vocal head director; and Daniel Shin, dean of the NY school, discuss what it takes to make it in kpop.

Closing out 2016, we additionally take a look at our favorite picks for the past year, and offer 2017 kpop predictions. Continue reading

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