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Hit Replays for the first week of Jan 202NE1.

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Hit Replays: LOONA, RED VELVET & TURBOY W2 Feb. 2019

Listen to the hit replays for the second week of February 2019. Continue reading

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Red Velvet is a Vocal Powerhouse, “Really Bad Boy” Shows Why

Red Velvet once again show us their vocal talent in “Really Bad Boy.” Stephen Knight from The Kpop Unmuted Podcast joins the Kpopcast Crew to discuss. Continue reading

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Red Velvet’s 8-Bit “Power Up”

Chip tunes and video game samples were Red Velvet’s 2018 summer song. Was it Daebak or Not? Continue reading

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Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” Explained & Deconstructed

Welcoming two special guests, we host music theorist Rhodri of The KpopShow and video theorist Kpop Junkee to deconstruct Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy.” Continue reading

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Why Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” is a Lesson in #Adulting

Red Velvet’s summer jam offers perspective for young adults as they prepare for their next chapter in #adulting. The Kpopcast dives into this theory from KPOP Junkee after highlighting constructive listener feedback from the Kpopcast’s analysis of BoA’s “CAMO.” Continue reading

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Why You Will Love Taeyeon | Feat. Red Velvet, Teen Top, Highlight & WINNER

The Kpopcast reviews Taeyeon’s “Make Me Love You” for Daebak or Not, and spotlights other weekly top picks. The Taeyeon assessment begins at 18:00. Continue reading

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You won’t believe what Red Velvet’s “Rookie” is really about

We discuss the disbandment of the Wonder Girls and what this means for the industry as a whole. We additionally review Red Velvet’s latest single, “Rookie” and why we think the music video is a drug-related trip.


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Why Red Velvet’s Game of Chance Wins Our Hearts & I-Ren’s “Butt” Examined


And we’re back! At least DJ PeterLo is back which means that the team can continue recording episodes again. For this return episode we take a critical look at Red Velvet’s royale, play the usual quiz party games, and review I-Ren’s Butt.

As a couple of newbies who are still figuring out podcasting we unfortunately ran into a recording issue which caused part of our tirade on I-Ren’s Butt to cut out and the beginning to our weekly K-popularity to drop. We’ll look to other recording methods in the future, but caveat: part of the live recording for this issue was dropped. Aside from the technical issue – we always welcome your feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Just give us a tweet at #KArea or leave a comment below.

Continue reading

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