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Red Velvet’s 8-Bit “Power Up”

Chip tunes and video game samples were Red Velvet’s 2018 summer song. Was it Daebak or Not? Continue reading

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Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy” Explained & Deconstructed

Welcoming two special guests, we host music theorist Rhodri of The KpopShow and video theorist Kpop Junkee to deconstruct Red Velvet’s “Bad Boy.” Continue reading

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Why Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” is a Lesson in #Adulting

Red Velvet’s summer jam offers perspective for young adults as they prepare for their next chapter in #adulting. The Kpopcast dives into this theory from KPOP Junkee after highlighting constructive listener feedback from the Kpopcast’s analysis of BoA’s “CAMO.” Continue reading

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Why You Will Love Taeyeon | Feat. Red Velvet, Teen Top, Highlight & WINNER

The Kpopcast reviews Taeyeon’s “Make Me Love You” for Daebak or Not, and spotlights other weekly top picks. The Taeyeon assessment begins at 18:00. Continue reading

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You won’t believe what Red Velvet’s “Rookie” is really about

We discuss the disbandment of the Wonder Girls and what this means for the industry as a whole. We additionally review Red Velvet’s latest single, “Rookie” and why we think the music video is a drug-related trip.


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Why Red Velvet’s Game of Chance Wins Our Hearts & I-Ren’s “Butt” Examined


And we’re back! At least DJ PeterLo is back which means that the team can continue recording episodes again. For this return episode we take a critical look at Red Velvet’s royale, play the usual quiz party games, and review I-Ren’s Butt.

As a couple of newbies who are still figuring out podcasting we unfortunately ran into a recording issue which caused part of our tirade on I-Ren’s Butt to cut out and the beginning to our weekly K-popularity to drop. We’ll look to other recording methods in the future, but caveat: part of the live recording for this issue was dropped. Aside from the technical issue – we always welcome your feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. Just give us a tweet at #KArea or leave a comment below.

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