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[140 BPM, Key of Fm] PSY – Gentleman (Areia Remix)

Like we mentioned in our last post, Areia’s remix of Gentleman is absolutely twerkalicious. We tried finding an animated .gif to demonstrate how twerking would work for this trap remix, but we had trouble finding something PG. As Jun Areia’s video will show, however, it’s almost as if the song was written for twerk. The way this new remix plays, it has us completely reinterpreting the lyrics of the original song.  Continue reading

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[125 BPM KEY OF EM] Sistar – Alone (AREIA REMIX)

We needed a remix of this track. Up to this point the Kpop community was without a solid remix of the Sistar single. Areia delivers with his expected palette of beautifully mastered sounds and instruments. We love the sustained synths, especially the way they’re introduced at the start of the song. Throughout the remix the ambient chords add complexity without cluttering the mix. The vocals also cut through the heavy bass nicely.

Areia has not yet posted a DJ-edit of the remix, but given his history of providing DJ edits over the past few remixes a DJ version of this sistar single anticipated to post soon. If not, we may be forced to make an edit from his instrumental. Really, though, it’s best if Areia creates this himself as we can’t quite master tracks as well him.

Download and listen to the Areia Remix #093 here.

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