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The Most Memorable K-Pop Song of 2011

What 2011 song in K-pop left a lasting impact that we’re still feeling in 2020? Hosts Stephanie, PLo, and Alexis Hodoyán recap, rewind, and discuss.

We debated, but YOU decide which song wins for the most ICONIC song in K-pop for 2011! Visit our Twitter (@TheKpopcast) and vote in our online poll.

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The 2010 Song That Changed Kpop Forever

What song left a lasting impact from 2010? Hosts Stephanie, PLo, and Tamar Herman present arguments from our view in 2020.

We debated, but YOU decide which song wins! Visit our Twitter (@TheKpopcast) and vote in our online poll.

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The 2009 Song That Changed K-Pop Forever

What song left a lasting impact from 2009? Hosts Stephanie, PLo, and Kpop Unmuted’s Stephen present arguments from our view in 2020.

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Did SNSD’s Holiday Night Herald A New Generation for Kpop?

10 years later, does Girls’ Generation give kpop fans something fresh and new? In a double-daebak review, we take a look at the two title tracks from Girls’ Generation’s “Holiday” and “All Night.” Let us know your thoughts on Twitter at @TheKpopcast. Continue reading

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[129 BPM Key of Bm] SNSD – Paparazzi (Trance Blossom Remastered Club Mix)

Trance Blossom recently remastered his remix of SNSD’s Paparazzi. It’s very heavy in the sense that it fills all three EQ bands– but that shouldn’t discourage you from inserting this remix into your sets. He’s provided a “Club” version with a Dj-friendly intro and outro that gradually let the synths and mid/high frequencies in.

With this latest remix we now feel like Trance Blossom has elevated himself to the higher tier of remixers/producers who we’ll regularly cover on this blog. Though there may be an abundance of Kpop remixers, we like to think that we only select the best to be featured on Spin Kpop. We’re happy to say that Trance Blossom is now pre-approved for the cut.

There’s something about the harmony/chord progression to this remix that it really reminds us of DJ AMAYA’s work. We like the way both of these producers structure their remixes, so we’re excited to follow and hear more from the two. If we were to abstractly describe DJ AMAYA remixes as “crunchy,” Trance Blossom would surely be characterized as “smooth.” The word through the grapevine is that Trance Blossom and DJ AMAYA have collaborations planned in the future, so we anticipate their results.

Trance Blossom’s instrumental and other variations of the Paparazzi remix are available on his website in .WAV format. In case you wanted to save some space on your Dj rig, we’ve compressed his club .wav remix to be in 320kbps mp3 for download here.

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In case you were out of the loop, Gangnam Style has become something of a viral international phenomenon. Transcending borders, this kpop hit has begun to see air-play on California mainstream radiostations. The hit has become so popular that it has even surpassed SNSD’s “Gee,” the national anthem for kpop, in YouTube views. What does this say about the future kpop?

Whether or not this is a passing trend, we here at Spin Kpop want to keep you DJ’s well-equipped to weather the Gangnam storm. The following collection of Gangnam Style mashups, edits and remixes has been in the works for some time. Drawing off the popularity of our two former Gangnam Style Edits, we’ve seen the community-need for a larger selection of Gangnam Style content. Now serving as the definitive hub for quality variations on the Gangnam Style single for DJs, we’ll update this post as new releases are made by the community. Check out our compilation after the break.

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Listening to Maurice Ravel’s “Bolero” and Gene Kelly’s “Singin in the Rain” in the cinematic intro of the SNSD PV of Paparazzi was an unfair tease. We were half-expecting an epic kpop cover the the western classics, but we know now it was a cheesy effort to appear sophisticated.

In any case, the DJ AMAYA remix of the single produced back in July transforms the pop song into a dancable club hit. Like many of his remixes, his instruments fill the full eq band so be delicate when layering in samples of your own. Also like his other DJ AMAYA tracks, this remix is easy to mix in and out of with a clean 32 + 32 beat intro and outro. The track is available for download in both mp3 and wav on his website.

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SNSD – Gee (eHash 2-11 edit) C#m, 100BPM

We’ve uploaded our first Kpop edit. This first one being, perhaps, the most essential. A classic to be played whenever asian pop is requested, this song is a must for any Kpop DJ library. Behold, SNSD’s Gee. Continue reading

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Not sure if modeling, or rocking.

What do you guys think?

The female band has had their accessories and music arranged for them. Not that I’m complaining. With any Kpop idol, you have the entire production company behind the idol making the image decisions. Like Kpop, image matters half as much as the music, if not more, when promoting an idol. The focus of this video seems to be on the fact that, “Whoa, chicks are rocking, and it’s to kpop!” These chicks are wearing product placed by sponsors, so it looks like a win-win for everyone involved. This looks like a great direction for Kaila Yu‘s new career. Continue reading

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