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Hit Replays: CL, Mushvenom, Purple Kiss, SHINee, SUNMI

K-pop Hit Replays for the 4th Week of February 202NE1, featuring Kara from Idolcast.

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Hit Replays: AleXa, Dreamcatcher, Sunmi

Hit Replays from the fourth week of February. GIRL CRUSH BANGER CLANGER EDITION.

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– AleXa (알렉사) – “A.I TROOPER” youtu.be/LGt-Dmnjk-s
– Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) ‘Scream’ youtu.be/FKlGHHhTOsQ
– SUNMI – ‘Gotta Go’ Dance Performance youtu.be/fN-YPbbGUoE

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TXT Grow Into Their “Crown”

The NYC-based team of the Kpopcast, Ariana and Olivia, introduce the highly-anticipated Big Hit debut group TXT. Continue reading

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The Caution & Seduction of Sunmi’s “Siren”

In Greek mythology, Sirens were dangerous seductresses who lured sailors with their enchanting music and singing voices to shipwreck. Sunmi continues to reinvent herself with a song that both entices and thrills. Continue reading

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Why Sunmi’s “Heroine” is 2018’s Kpop Feminist Anthem

Sunmi performs on a metaphorical stage for “Heroine,” and despite tragedy, ‘the show must go on.’ Kpopcast hosts Stephanie and DJ Peter Lo explain why Sunmi’s “Heroine” could be this year’s feminist anthem for kpop. Continue reading

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