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Can’t Stop TWICE

Was TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” Daebak or Not? Twice super-fan, Duy Le joins us in the discussion.

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Twice is Love

In this episode, Kpop Junkee, Raman, Soupermatic and DJ PLo review Twice’s “What Is Love?” Continue reading


What Twice’s “Signal” Misses In Translation

The Kpopcast attempts to interpret the mixed signs from Twice’s “Signal” and offer optimistic feedback on what could have been.

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What happens to TWICE after midnight?

The latest single from TWICE seems like a sequel or prologue to their previous single, “TT.” But what does this mean, and why are the girls dying from hypothermia?

TWICE knocks and we answer whether their hit is Daebak or Not. Continue reading

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We tell SHINee what to do & Skydive with BAP


When you’re gone for a day and return it’s worthy of a COMEBACK STAGE – at least for Nurse Joyce who missed our last episode. For this episode, we review BAP’s “Skydive” and SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” for Daebak or Not. Following this, we discuss TOP’s military departure and TWICE’s rise to fame.

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