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Kpop in 2021, and what’s next for 2022

Hey Kpopcast listeners, As I reflect back on K-pop in 2021, I’m surprised by how much content came out despite an enduring pandemic. It’s continued to be a fun fantasy escape in contrast to our increasingly complex and changing “real […]


Are BTS Sellouts?

When I logged on to Twitter Sunday night, I was amused to see that the following phrases were trending: “CONGRATS BABIES,” “JINKOOK,” and “I love them so much!” I knew immediately that one of my favorite K-pop artists, BTS, had […]


K-pop, anti-blackness, and the inner child

On a recently published episode of the #Kpopchat hosted on Twitter spaces, I shared a part of my life story I don’t talk about very much on The Kpopcast. I would like to share some of it in more detail here in the newsletter. The episode was about how K-pop fandom harms communities of color, especially black people. I will not name the participants here, in case they would prefer to remain private/non-searchable.