Taemin’s Idea

Was Taemin’s “IDEA” Daebak or Not? Angélica from the Ask Me About Kpop podcast joins us to set the record straight.


BONUS Episode: Hit Replays from Oct 1 😬

Hit Replays as recorded way back on Oct 1. It turns out trying to close things out at work and preparing for your second child can put you back a bit in getting podcast episodes out. Please enjoy this BONUS episode!

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Can’t Stop TWICE

Was TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” Daebak or Not? Twice super-fan, Duy Le joins us in the discussion.

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Hit Replays: THE BOYZ, EVERGLOW, KNK, Lee Eun Sang

Hit Replays for the 4th week of Sept.

Everglow tho. Wonho still impresses.

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Hit Replays: CL, H1GHR MUSIC, Max (feat. SUGA), Ye-Eun, Xia Junsu

K-pop keeps us going. Here’s some hit replays for this past week.

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Thirsty for Taemin & Wonho

We were #blessed with two of the hottest songs this past week from Taemin and Wonho. So, naturally, who is everyone thirsting for more? We welcome Ahomari from 106&Seoul and Shannon from AskMeAbout Kpop for their raw thoughts.

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Hit Replays: A.C.E, CLC, Jackson Wang, KANG DANIEL, Yukika

Fellow k-pop podcasters Warren (SojuTalk) and Emily (InMyFeels) join PLo and Michaela for a casual episode of hit replays.

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Why BTS’ “Dynamite” is about Hope

We welcome BTS super fans Rosan (aka xCeleste) and Jose (aka JoseOchoaTV) for a quick dive into BTS’ “Dynamite.” Historically, disco music has served as a form of escapism, giving listeners reprieve from society’s hardships. So was this disco-inspired song Daebak or Not?

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Not Shy about ITZY

A quick discussion on ITZY’s “Not Shy” comeback, and why Chaeryeong needs more screen time.


Hit Replays: PinkFantasy, Jessi, SOLE, Kang Daniel

Amr, Stephanie, and PLo discuss hit replays for the second week of August 2020.

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