K-pop Hit Replays for the 3rd Week of April 202NE1, featuring Alexis Hodoyán. Please support Kuk Seung Pyo and let his team know Kpopcast sent ya!

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K-Pop Hit Replays: HOSHI, STAYC, QODES, A.C.E

K-pop Hit Replays for the 2nd Week of April 202NE1, featuring Young Ajummah – Sara L!

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– HOSHI ‘Spider’ youtu.be/eOOsAeOx5a0
– STAYC(스테이씨) – ASAP youtu.be/_X3r09dgbQg
– QODES – LALALA youtu.be/GaUaktRqXd4
– A.C.E(에이스) – TAKE ME HIGHER youtu.be/g4ELX7LyXDw

K-Pop News Stories:
– Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement Addressing Reports That She Manipulated Kim Jung Hyun’s Behavior During His Drama “Time” www.soompi.com/article/1463963wp…ng-his-drama-time
– SM Makes Statement On Video Of Staff Allegedly Taking Inappropriate Photo Of aespa’s Winter www.soompi.com/article/1464255wp…-of-aespas-winter
– Update: Cube Unveils More Members Of Their New Girl Group LIGHTSUM www.soompi.com/article/1464268wp…citing-1st-teaser
– Hit romance film director returns with sci-fi flick about first human clone ‘Seobok’ www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=202…00929&np=2&mp=1
– Korean entertainment companies wary of Chinese money www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=202…00945&np=2&mp=1
– Watch: “Kingdom” Reveals Initial Rankings For Round 1 + Wows With Fiery Performances www.soompi.com/article/1464411wp…iery-performances

The Kpopcast Crew:

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K-pop Hit Replays: AHN YE EUN, OnlyOneOf, Rolling Quartz, Simon Dominic & Loco, SuperM

K-pop Hit Replays for the 1st Week of April 202NE1, featuring Alexis Hodoyán. PLUS, Alexis shares some insider scoops on OnlyOneOf and Brave Girls.

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Hit Replays: Hotshot, The Rose, Seori, weeekly

K-pop Hit Replays for the 4th Week of March 202NE1, featuring Rimi – editor at SeoulBeats.

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The Brave Girls Comeback

We welcome professor Hye Jin Lee for a discussion on why Brave Girls are suddenly achieving belated success.


Hit Replays: Rose, Jiselle, Ciipher, PurpleKiss, Super Junior

K-pop Hit Replays for the 3rd Week of March 202NE1, featuring Alexis Hodoyán.

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Hit Replays: RAIN, RAVI, lIlBOI & Wonstein, Rolling Quartz

K-pop Hit Replays for the 1st Week of March 202NE1, featuring April Jay. Plus – we talk about Rain.

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Hit Replays: CL, Mushvenom, Purple Kiss, SHINee, SUNMI

K-pop Hit Replays for the 4th Week of February 202NE1, featuring Kara from Idolcast.

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Chung Ha’s Querencia

K-pop journalists Lai Frances and Alexis Hodoyán join PLo for a chat reflecting on Chung Ha’s first full album. Did the album break barriers for Chung Ha’s global domination?

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N.O.M Pushes Gender Boundaries – And We’re Here For It

N.O.M (short for “Nature of Man”) released a new visually stunning track, “I can’t wait” which may have caught attention for the wrong reasons. We’re here to tell you why you should like the song for the right reasons.

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