ATEEZ: The Next Crossover Group

ATEEZ is set to disrupt the current international crossover appeal for K-pop. Listen to Ariana, Michaela and Stephanie review ATEEZ’ merits in this episode of the Kpopcast. Continue reading


Hit Replays: V(BTS), ATEEZ & Hyomin W4 Jan. 2019

Listen to this week’s hit replays. We’re getting ahead of ourselves so stay tuned for upcoming episodes on ATEEZ & CLC. Continue reading

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Hit Replays: Luna, Sori & Astro – W2 Jan. 2019

We’re giving “Hit Replays” their own standalone show. This was a sudden last minute decision. Let us know what you think. Continue reading

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“%%”(Eung Eung(응응)) Is Apink Unlimited

Ariana and PLo explore the direction of Apink’s new concept with select comments provided by Apink Panda JACQUES. Continue reading

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Jennie and Kai

In this unedited/unpolished episode series of K-pop Hot Issue, we discussed Jennie and Kai’s new romance as confirmed by SM. Continue reading

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The Top Ten K-Pop Songs Of 2018

K-pop, often known for its competitive rankings, is sometimes harder to rank among friends. Returning with its annual year-end episode, the Kpopcast presents notable trends, moments, honorable mentions and the top ten K-pop songs of 2018 to remember.

Continue reading

Our 2019 K-pop Predictions

Ariana and Michaela represent the Kpopcast team as they walk through the staff and listener predictions for the coming year.

Be sure to stay tuned for our fully-polished year-end episode!

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Red Velvet is a Vocal Powerhouse, “Really Bad Boy” Shows Why

Red Velvet once again show us their vocal talent in “Really Bad Boy.” Stephen Knight from The Kpop Unmuted Podcast joins the Kpopcast Crew to discuss. Continue reading

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K-Pop Hot Issue: Can Jennie Catch a Break? / Did YG censor “#LazyJenny?”

A video shows a side-by-side comparison between 2016 and 2018 performances of Jennie of Blackpink. YG allegedly takes the fan-made video down in a manual copyright request. Netizen response explodes.

In this unedited K-pop Hot Isssue episode we discuss:
– Is it our place to ask whether Jennie is lazy?
– Is the fan reaction overrated?
– Did YG censor the video? What control should a label have?

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How To Ride EXO’s “Tempo”

A fairly SFW review of EXO’s “Tempo.” Continue reading